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International Dental Implant Association Brings Smiles Through Charity to Dominican Republic

Dr. Aleksandra Morel Along with IDIA Medical Team Delivers over $2 Million in Dental Care to Grateful Patients  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, July 3, 2015 – The smiles on Dominican Republic citizens’ faces got a whole lot wider – and brighter – earlier this month following the arrival of more than 30 dental specialists from the United States and around the world as they launched a comprehensive dental treatment campaign entirely free of charge. Organized by the International Dental Implant Association (IDIA), a leading provider of continuing education lectures and one of the world’s most successful live patient programs, the team delivered an estimated $2 million in American-style medical dental care to over 250 underprivileged patients during its latest trip on July 3-4-5, 2015. The international effort was part of a continuing mission to bring state-of-the-art oral/dental care to thousands of underserved people in the Dominican Republic and around the world. Dr. Morel, as a Fellow of the select International Dental Implant Association, which includes 2,500 credentialed members, personally provided over $200,000 of free care during her time in-country, while also covering her flight, hotel, and all other supply costs. “Dr. Morel’s effort, along with the entire team deserves the highest praise,” said Dr. Arun K. Garg, the IDIA’s founder and president. “The Dominican Republic is an amazing, vibrant country that continues to undergo radical, positive changes – especially as it relates to healthcare reform. Therefore it’s incumbent on us as doctors to help the D.R. citizens weather these changes as smoothly as possible, improving the lives of everyday people with the best treatment possible.” New Smiles Means New Opportunities In addition to supplying medical equipment and performing much-needed dental procedures including socket preservations, implants and sinus lifts, Dr. Morel and the rest of the IDIA team also helped raise local doctor […]

Is your tooth brush hurting your gums?

Yes, if you are using the brush with hard bristles. “Hard bristles may cause gum tissue to pull back from teeth, which can expose the tooth root and lead to increased sensitivity to heat, cold or certain foods and drinks.”(American Dental Association). Always choose soft or very soft bristle brush, and do not brush in back-and-forth motion. Select the brush that can easily fit in your mouth, it should brush one to two teeth at a time. Bigger is not always better!  

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