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Same Day Crowns

CEREC Chairside Solutions. One visit dentistry.

In recent years a breakthrough in dentistry has allowed us to make crowns in the same day. No more messy impressions. No more waiting for labs to return your crown. No more dealing with temporary crowns that fall out. In a matter of a couple of hours we are able to digitally scan, design, and print your custom made crown with our CEREC machine.

We first prepare your tooth by removing any decay. We then use the CEREC computer to digitally scan your teeth and mouth. It is a safe, easy, and painless process that is done in a matter of minutes. After this we are done working in your mouth until it is time to try-in the crown and seat it. The doctor then hand designs the crown on the computer to custom fit your bite so it’s as if it’s your natural tooth. When this step is complete, the crown is then printed through our CEREC milling machine in about ten minutes. It is similar to 3D printing. Now we are ready to try in and seat the crown. The doctor is also able to adjust the crown prior to seating it, if you feel it isn’t exactly perfect. Once it is adjusted to fit your mouth, we then seat the crown and you now have a new permanent crown.

Crowns made with CEREC are proven to have a longer success and survival rate. They are also made with ceramic, eliminating those bulky metal crowns. You can now smile with confidence knowing that nobody has to know you have crowns.

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