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We use dental treatments that work. Our Patient reviews here in Plano, TX prove it.

My teeth were in constant pain, and my mouth was plagued with other oral disease. I wasn’t sure what to do to take care of it, or which dentist I could trust to give me the care I actually need. When I became a patient at Smiles by Morel, I was able to turn my dental hygiene around.


I never knew the importance of flossing after every meal, using mouthwash, and brushing several times a day. I’d brush my teeth once a day, and some days not at all. My gums and teeth were in bad shape and I didn’t know that I was aggravating developing oral conditions. When I saw Dr. Morel, she helped me understand the current state of my teeth and explained my conditions without worrying me. She then went over a comprehensive treatment plan to get me back on track with my dental health. I got the procedures necessary to deal with my dental problems, and she told me what to do to keep my teeth in good shape. Now I make my dental health a priority, and schedule regular dentist visits to make sure no issues occur.

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Jim TrenadineSales Manager

The color of my teeth have always been something in the back of my mind. Anytime I’d pose for a picture, I got anxious to smile. Dr. Morel gave me a solid whitening treatment and tips to help maintain the white color of my teeth. Now I always smile to show off my teeth!

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Elenor WalshHome maker

The idea of getting braces at my age always made me nervous. I didn’t want people to see the metal grids on my teeth, so I dealt with the imperfections of my teeth. Dr. Morel suggested Invisalign so I wouldn’t have to get braces. Now I can fix my teeth while still feeling attractive.

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Laura TaineAccountant

My teeth were damaged and had to be extracted. My dentist didn’t offer sedation dentistry so I tried to avoid the problem, but it kept on getting worse. At Dr. Morel’s office, I felt that my fears were understood. She told me that the procedure would be simple and that I would be sedated for it.

Niki SandersAccount Executive

My previous dentists never explained the seriousness of periodontal disease. Gingivitis seemed like something that I would never get. I ignored the symptoms until they got worse and decided to see Dr. Morel. She was able to cure my gingivitis before it became the more serious periodontitis. I will use her advice to keep my oral health in check!

Andrew LotherMarketing Director

Over time, I have chipped pieces of my teeth during various athletic activities. I needed dental work to fix my teeth. Smiles by Morel made it easy to schedule an appointment and swiftly worked out everything I needed, while providing me dieting tips to help my teeth stay healthy. I’ll definitely apply those tips in my nutrition plans!

Bert TreynoNutritionist

Our family was looking for affordable and personable dentist office. We wanted to get the same treatments on our teeth and taken care of as a family rather than going to separate dentist’s offices. Dr. Morel offered us a family friendly environment with dental plans our family could follow and use to make sure our teeth looked good.

Chris JenkinCEO