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Dental Care for Your Family.

Our Plano, TX team sees its mission as more than simply dental care, but to help you create your family brand, the family smile. Smiles by Morel ensures we meet your dental needs for your entire family. We work hard to create an environment of openness and to establish mutual trust that will translate into a positive experience during each of your visits. Finding the right family dentist is an essential part of receiving quality oral care, and we try our best to fit your family needs.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Dental Needs.

At Smiles by Morel, we aim to bring you better health and peace of mind. We address all your needs to make you leave feeling refreshed, confident and reassured by our procedures, advice, and your choice of picking us. We brighten your smile by providing the best teeth cleanings, X-rays, teeth whitenings, and more. Smiles by Morel’s friendly Plano, TX staff is confident in their skills to create strong relationships with their patients so that you feel taken care of.


Child Friendly Dental Care.

Finding a dentist your child loves is a difficult task, and we offer pediatric dentistry that does just that. Often times, children are afraid of going to the dentist’s office for fear of painful oral procedures. From our long time experience in administering dental care on children, we have learned how to make children feel at ease during their visits. We offer a child friendly environment with distractions to take your child’s mind away from the fact that they are at the dentist, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. At Smiles by Morel Plano, TX dental office, we help parents through all your child’s dental experiences, from guiding parents through the loss of their first tooth, to their first cleaning. Creating their first unforgettable smile could easily be the way for your children to adopt a positive outlook on hygiene!

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Expert Dental Care for the Elderly.

We understand that as our patients age, it may be harder for them to engage in oral hygiene. This is why we identify ways for you to keep your teeth the healthiest by providing guidelines to care for your smile. We will look at what you are currently doing for your teeth, create a dental maintenance plan for you to use at home, and couple this with regularly scheduled dental appointments. Having served the DFW area for over 20 years, Smiles by Morel has provided dental services for people of all ages. We have experience giving dental care to seniors in Plano, TX, and know how to ensure their visits are comfortable and pain free.


Check out the smiles we’ve left behind.

Our patients love us! Having served tens of thousands of people in Plano, TX for over 20 years, our reviews show how we put you first.

The color of my teeth have always been something in the back of my mind. Anytime I’d pose for a picture, I got anxious to smile. Dr. Morel gave me a solid whitening treatment and tips to help maintain the white color of my teeth. Now I always smile to show off my teeth!

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Elenor WalshHome maker

My teeth were in constant pain, and my mouth was plagued with other oral disease. I wasn’t sure what to do to take care of it, or which dentist I could trust to give me the care I actually need. When I became a patient at Smiles by Morel, I was able to turn my dental hygiene around.

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Jim TrenadineSales Manager

The idea of getting braces at my age always made me nervous. I didn’t want people to see the metal grids on my teeth, so I dealt with the imperfections of my teeth. Dr. Morel suggested Invisalign so I wouldn’t have to get braces. Now I can fix my teeth while still feeling attractive.

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Laura TaineAccountant