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Our Story

Our story to create Brighter Smiles.

Dental problems affect millions of Americans a year with various conditions such as Tooth Decay, Periodontal Disease, Oral Cancer, Bad Breath, and more. These oral conditions cause significant distress, affecting the way people go about their day-to-day lives. At Smiles by Morel, we understand the importance of oral health and that good dental hygiene is not the only important thing when it comes to smiles. This is why we’ve made it our mission to help create smiles across the DFW area by providing not only General and Restorative Dentistry, but also Cosmetic Dentistry, to bring out the beauty of your smile.

To help make this mission possible, Smiles by Morel recommends getting regular checkups to ensure your teeth are in good health. There are many conditions we suggest seeing a dentist for such as Tooth Aches, Crooked Teeth, Tooth Erosion, Mouth Sores, and more.

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Brighter Smiles Clinic Plano TX

Our Team

Meet our Plano, TX team, the people who make you glisten.

Our Plano, TX team is dedicated to making you beautiful. We have extensive experience, having created smiles for many years! We only use professionals with the best qualifications to serve you the best we can.

Dr. Aleksandra Morel Dentist Plano

Dr. Aleksandra Morel Dentist

Dental Hygienist Plano

Lena Dental Hygienist

Zaira Office Manager in Plano at Smiles by Morel

ZairaOffice Manager

Stasi Dental Assistant in Plano

Stasi Dental Assistant

Marta Dental Assistant Plano

Marta Dental Assistant

Charitable Causes

Help make others Smile.

At Smiles by Morel, we brighten people’s day with more than just dental work. Our goal is to make smiles contagious by spreading them to the community by contributing to our charitable causes.

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Check out the smiles we’ve left behind.

Our patients love us! Having served tens of thousands of people for over 20 years, our reviews show how we put you first.

The color of my teeth have always been something at the back of my mind. Anytime I’d pose for a picture I got anxious to smile. Dr. Morel gave me a solid whitening treatment and tips to help maintain the white color of my teeth.

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Elenor WalshHome maker

My teeth were in constant pain, and my mouth was plagued with other oral disease. I wasn’t sure what to do to take care of it, or which dentist I could trust to give me the care I actually need. When I became a patient at Smiles by Morel, I was able to turn my dental hygiene around.

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Jim TrenadineSales Manager

The idea of getting braces at my age always made me nervous. I didn’t want people to see metal grids on my teeth, so I dealt with the imperfections of my teeth. Dr. Morel suggested Invisalign to fix my teeth without having to get braces. Now I can realign my teeth while still feeling attractive.

5 star reviews of dental clinic

Laura TaineAccountant