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Things to know before receiving X-Rays

During your oral exam, X-Rays are an important part of your exam because they allow your dentist to see what is going on internally with your teeth. X-Rays generally do not take long and can be easily gone over with you.

Dr. Morel will place an x-ray film in your mouth at a specific angle and ask you to bite down on it. You will have to bite down until the imaging is done. The film will then be moved around until your whole mouth has been covered. After this, Dr. Morel will determine any necessary treatment plans.

Before getting x-rays, please let your doctor know if you are having any kind of pain or sensitivity. This way, the dentist can be careful when having you bite down on x-ray films so that you experience the least pain possible.

After your x-rays, Dr. Morel will see if there are any conditions she can identify that may require more treatment. She will then go over a treatment plan to take care of the issues. If  no extra treatment is necessary, Dr. Morel will carry on with the rest of  your exam.

At the Smiles by Morel Plano, TX dental office, we care about your health and will keep you informed on any concerns we have or find during your exam. Dr. Morel will give an in depth explanation of what is going on, and what needs to be done to treat it.