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Oral Cancer

How to spot if you have oral cancer

Although uncommon, the survival rate of oral cancer is extremely low, making it important to identify it early on so that it can be treated. Many times, its symptoms can be  confused with other conditions, so any persisting symptoms should be followed up by a dentist visit.

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Use of other drugs

  •  Red or white swellings
  • Lumps or abraded areas on the lips
  • Unexplained bleeding on the gums, or on the inside of the mouth
  • Soreness or feeling that something is caught in the back of the throat
  • Ear pain

Since the direct cause of oral cancer is unknown, it is difficult to know how to prevent it. Some recommendations that could prevent oral cancer are avoiding sun exposure, avoiding the use of tobacco, avoiding drug use and alcohol, and taking care of your teeth.

During your visit, we will conduct a comprehensive exam to make sure we know exactly what is going on with your teeth. Then, we will identify what bad habits, or foods you have been eating that have been causing oral cancer.