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Things to know before you get composites

Dental composite resins are types of synthetic resins that are used in dentistry as restorative material or adhesives. Dental composite resins have certain properties that will benefit patients according to the patient’s cavity. These are usually a good alternative to amalgam or gold fillings.

After your oral exam, Dr. Morel may determine that you may need composites. Many times composites are required to fill cavities or any damages your teeth have sustained. Dr. Morel will then go over the procedure and use composites where needed.

Composites are not always necessary, but recommended to keep the integrity and health of the tooth. Be sure to be careful with what you eat after a composite as toothaches can occur after new ones.Sometimes a follow-up visit will be necessary. At the Smiles by Morel Plano, TX dental office, your teeth are our priority, we want to give you the best composites to make your smile the best it can be.