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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Things to know before you get crowns or bridges

Crowns are encasings used to cover teeth that have damage to them or that aren’t white. Sometimes a bridge may have to be made to replace missing teeth. These are cosmetic teeth that match the shape and size of the teeth they replace. We do digital impressions and same day crowns to save you time.

After your oral exam Crowns and bridges are needed, Dr. Morel will take digital impressions of your teeth, the create the porcelain replacements. The treatment area will first be numbed, then Dr. Morel will add the crowns and bridges where needed. Numbness may last for several hours after the procedure.

Let our dentist know if you have any discomfort or pain before receiving crowns and bridges. Be sure to be careful with what you eat for temporary crowns and bridges to avoid dislodging them, and not eat for a few hours for permanent ones to make sure they set in. Your mouth will be numb in the areas you receive treatment and may have trouble taking for several hours after the procedure. You may need follow-up visits to make sure the crowns and bridges have dried well.