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Temporimandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment

Things to know before temporimandibular joint treatment

TMJ is a common oral problem because of how easy it is to damage the jaw. People often hurt their jaw from trauma playing sports, violence, and accidents. They can also have these issues from eating and using their jaw in an abnormal manner.

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The temporomandibular joint attaches your jaw to your skull. Injuries to this joint can cause a localized pain disorder. Common symptoms are jaw pain, clicking in the jaw, stiff jaw, ear pain, headaches, and more.

At Smiles by Morel, we will be sure to give you a comprehensive dental exam before conducting any dental procedures. That way, we know exactly what is going on with your health and any pressing needs you may have. We make sure to identify TMJ early on to keep your smile healthy. Some things we use to treat periodontal disease are: