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Things to know before your oral exam

Before you go into your oral exam be sure to floss and brush your teeth so that it is easier to identify any oral conditions. You should be ready to provide any previous dental records to your dentist. Know that if we identify serious conditions during the general oral exam it may take more time to conduct an oral procedure, and even require a follow-up.

When you go into our office for your oral exam you will have to turn in any new patient forms if it is your first time at our office. Dr. Morel will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth by running various tests. She will do a visual check of your mouth, tongue, gums, cheeks, and teeth. She will then conduct imaging tests to see the internal status of your mouth. After these tests, dental procedures will be offered and performed accordingly.

Please be sure to communicate any pains or anxiousness you may be feeling during your visit. The more information we know, the better your experience will be. We want to provide you the best dental care possible.

If any oral conditions are identified by Dr. Morel, she will go over recommended treatment plans to best suit your needs. After this you may have to schedule a follow-up appointment at a later date depending on what needs to be done.

At the Smiles by Morel Plano, TX dental office, we want to ensure you are taken care of, and we don’t rush. We want to avoid missing anything that could negatively impact your teeth in the long run.