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Scaling & Root Planing

Things to know before Scaling & Root planing

Scaling and Root planing is meant to help with the recession of periodontal disease by removing and replacing toxins from the affected teeth. You should ask about scaling & root planning if you currently have periodontal disease.

If during your oral exam Dr. Morel identifies periodontal disease, she will conduct an in depth cleaning, by removing all plaque and calculus (scaling). After this she will remove the toxins from the infected dentin (planing). This will ensure your teeth are healthy.

Be sure to take extra good care of your teeth after this procedure. You should brush twice a day and floss after every meal to ensure plaque does not start to build up again.

At the Smiles by Morel  Plano, TX dental office, we make sure to give you the tips and guidelines to make sure you do not redevelop any conditions we have cured.