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Zoom and Home Whitening

Things to know before your Zoom or home whitening

Zoom Whitening is an in-office bleaching process that is widely known for its ability to quickly brighten teeth from the effects of discoloration. Our office uses the best equipment for this whitening so that your smile is brighter. If you would like an at home whitening, Dr. Morel will give it to you along with the directions.

After your oral exam, if you request a whitening, Dr. Morel will cover your lips and gums and apply the patented Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Zoom incorporates a special light that penetrates the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. If you would like an at home whitening let Dr. Morel know.

Make sure your teeth are clean before your visit. After the whitening try to avoid consuming foods or drinks that may stain your teeth such as coffee, turmeric, and orange foods. Follow the treatment plan given to you by our dentist to keep the new sparkle of your smile.